World’s First Implantable Artificial Kidney Could Enter Human Trials By 2017

17Source: Med Devide Online A team of university scientists has developed the world’s first artificial kidney technology to be implanted in the body. Their bio-hybrid approach uses living kidney cells in tandem with a series of specialized microchips powered by the human heart to filter waste from the blood stream. The National Kidney Foundation estimates that over 100,000 patients are on the waiting list for a…

Advances in 3D printing of blood vessels that work like the real ones

According to Chinese CCTV television, a team of scientists and engineers from the Chinese Academy of Engineering has been working with a 3D bio-printer to create artificial blood vessels. At the moment some of these artificial creations have been implanted to 30 Rhesus monkeys and after the surgeries they have verified that they function like the natural ones. The full story on Microsiervos.

A new study supports the rigor and reproducibility of epigenetic tests

Despite the differences in the methodology used by laboratories, the results are very similar An article in Nature Biotechnology involving experts of Programa de Epigenética y Biología del Cáncer del Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas de Bellvitge (Idibell) shows that epigenetic tests have the same technical quality and thoroughness that genetic testing. Although previous studies have already identified the quality of epigenetic tests, “this is the first…

XVII Congress of the Spanish Association of Prenatal Diagnosis

On 24 and 25 November 2016 will be held in Zaragoza VII Congress of the Spanish Association of Prenatal Diagnosis. More information on their website.

ASHG 2016

From 18 to October 22 2016 will be held in Vancouver “ASHG 2016”. More information on their website.

European Human Genetics Conference 2017

From 27 to May 30 2017 will be held in Copenhagen “The European Human Genetics Conference 2017”. More information on their website.

Ferrer and IDIBELL develop EPICUP, the first epigenetic test for patients with cancer of unknown origin

Ferrer pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​announced the launch of EPICUP, the first epigenetic diagnostic test based on the analysis of DNA methylation profiles and helps the oncologist to identify the primary tumor in patients with cancer of unknown origin (CUP). The tool, fruit of public-private partnership between the Epigenetics and Cancer Biology Program of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) led by…

European Human Genetics Conference 2016

From 21 to May 24 will be held in Barcelona on “European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2016”. More information on their website.

A new mechanism of cell division paves the way for antitumor therapies

The research , done at the Centre for Genomic Regulation , has revealed the specific process of microtubule formation of chromosomes during mitosis. Source and photo: LaVanguardia

Organovo and Yale join forces to boost 3D organ printing

Organovo and Yale pact to create complete and transplantable organs. One of the objectives that 3D printing has on the road is becoming a tool for medicine and although it has already proven its value several times , now wants to make it big . At least that is the goal have been proposed in Organovo and researchers from Yale University . Organovo is…