Who we are

“Genetics Made Easy” is a non-profit divulgative web site on human genetics, the objective of which is to bring the scientific community closer to the general community in order to disseminate the advances and knowledge that arise in this field and how the general population can benefit from this developments. The language used in the website is simple and the terminology easy to comprehend, with clear and straight forward explanations and user-friendly software.

This web site is not intended as personalised medical care, but as a complement to it. It can be a very useful tool for the clinician and other healthcare professionals, irrespectively of their area of expertise, as genetic disorders are known across all medical specialties.

This website, in my opinion, brings together all the information that any couple thinking about having a baby should know about, regardless of their personal or reproductive past history. That is, it does not matter whether or not they are carriers of congenital malformations or hereditary diseases and/or have had children affected with the same disorders previously.

It can also be used in other fields, owing it to new interdisciplinary challenges:
Law, due to the new ethical and deontological codes, and the preparation required in view of this new type of medicine and consequent demands that these patients will be faced with.  Journalism, due to the important social and divulgative role it plays in the correct interpretation and reporting of the new advances and news.

Moreover, given the remarkable advances taking place in this field, where not everything that is technically possible is ethically acceptable, a need arises for the population of any age to be well informed, ideally from school age, so that informed decisions can be taken under the individual’s own criteria.

As you can see in its homepage, the website has been accredited by the General Medical Council of Barcelona and its contents approved by the HON code accreditation. The website is linked to several colleges, universities and scientific societies, both in Spain and internationally.

“Genetics Made Easy”, is currently available on the net in Spanish,English and catalan.

I hope this website is of use in your professional and personal lives and that you can use it as a guide to take a step further into the new era of medicine that has just been inaugurated: THE ERA OF GENETICS.

Reviewed: 27th of August 2016