European Human Genetics Conference 2016

From 21 to May 24 will be held in Barcelona on “European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2016”. More information on their website.

A new mechanism of cell division paves the way for antitumor therapies

The research , done at the Centre for Genomic Regulation , has revealed the specific process of microtubule formation of chromosomes during mitosis. Source and photo: LaVanguardia

Organovo and Yale join forces to boost 3D organ printing

Organovo and Yale pact to create complete and transplantable organs. One of the objectives that 3D printing has on the road is becoming a tool for medicine and although it has already proven its value several times , now wants to make it big . At least that is the goal have been proposed in Organovo and researchers from Yale University . Organovo is…

Vall d’Hebron Hospital treats 1,400 cancer patients based on their genetic alterations

Some of these people, who had no chance, have come to heal Barcelona. (EP) .- The Research Unit Molecular Cancer Therapy – The Box ( UITM ) of the Hospital Vall d’ Hebron in Barcelona attended since it opened in 2010 to 1,400 patients who had not responded well to traditional therapies and treatment applied to them ” customized ” according to the genetic…